Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Making an effort!

I promised myself I would do several things differently this upcoming new year.
1. work on my blog more
2. concentrate on putting more work on Esty & Ebay maybe have a selling site.
3. take few classes to learn new techniques
4. Clean my studio, which is a total wreck, actually that should be number one!
5. and finally get rid of excess junk.

I am sure those of you who are artists, will understand number 5. The "I may be able to use that" attitude that keeps me from throwing away anything I think might have use for somewhere down the road. Since I am a cancer this is even worse for me as I can't seem to part with anything! I currently have broken pottery, thinking I might be inspired to do a mosaic of some sort one day. hmmmm yeah that ain't gonna happen!

I have been saving toilet issue rolls for some time now, and while I do haul them out and create some darling little 4Th of July pieces and Halloween candy tube thingies , let's be reasonable here , how likely is it that I would experiance a shortage of those?

I have tons of floral picks, I hate flower arranging, what was I thinking? I save boxes, tissue and packing wrap. I have patterns that I haven't even opened. I 'm thinking spring cleaning craft sale on EBAY.
My husband, who is a notorious neat freak, refuses to place one toe into my studio, he totally doesn't understand how I can work in such utter chaos and to top it off , I have been sorting through material so the guest bedroom is sort of disaster too. Now I am getting the LOOK. If I don't start getting the guest room in order I am sure I will soon get the Look and the complaints! Sigh! I have successfully put him off for now as I have told him that I gathering things for end of the year donations. oops! almost outta time on that one! Guess I really need to kick it into high gear tomorrow! Off for now! ~susan~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time to take a breath!

First, let me just say Thank God! I don't have to fly anywhere to spend the holidays with my family! Now that things are settling back down, I've spent the last few days reading the Twilight Series. I am not a fan of the vampire genre, however, I couldn't put these books down. The writer captured my imagination on the very first page.
I will continue to read everything she writes from here on out. I only have a few authors that I would crawl over burning sands to buy their books, my favorite being Jayne Ann Krentz, Stephenie Meyer will now be added to that list. And Robert Pattison will always be Edward to me now that I've seen the first movie...... Oh if I were only younger! sigh! But there's alway Johnny Depp.....
Winter came to Salem Oregon today we received 2 to 3 inches of snow, our weatherman was wrong again! Shocking! Although it did make for a wonderful day to snuggle down , drink hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream, or in this case cool whip, and watch old movies. I had no where to be or anything I had to get done. The perfect day! I hope your day was uneventful and peaceful. ~Susan~

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Done at last!

At long last I have completed all orders, last weekend was the final show so now I can sit back and enjoy the Holidays!

HA ! that is if you don't count the Christmas shopping I still have left, which is almost everyone, the Holiday baking I haven't even begun to start and decorating my house!
I used to be so organized , shopping was all done in early November, baking was done by December 1 st. and my entire house ,including the Christmas tree, was up and decorated before Thanksgiving.
I do have excuses though. OUr family spent Thanksgiving in California, doing Disneyland , Knott's Berry Farm and finishing off with big family gathering at my in-laws house!
Since this all was my brilliant idea, I offered to cook both turkeys at our condo and bring it out to the in laws house.
AH HA HA ,what was I thinking?? I had it all planned out in my mind , it was perfect . We brought 2, 23 turkeys, disposable roasting pans and my Grammies secret stuffing ingredients with us on our 14 hour journey from Salem Oregon to Anaheim Ca. All 7 of us in my daughters, Suburban, with her focus driven husband at the helm. Each of us armed with the lastest in travel necessities, IPODS, DVD PLAYERS, PHONES and lots & lots of snacks .
We only stopped for the all important potty and gas breaks, other than that we traveled at lightening speeds of 85 plus the whole way. My son-in-law has extraordinary luck, he wins every contest he enters, gets free stuff all the time and never ever encounters the highway patrol while driving way over the speed limit, which is good because we are always running late when we go places as a family.
Once we arrived in California, we enjoyed the warm summer like temps of the mid 70's and of course the Wonders of Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm , which by the way is a much more family priced place to visit, about a third of the price of Disneyland for those who would like to do both.
I had planned to cook one turkey Wednesday morning and other on Wednesday night while we were sleeping. However, the oven at the condo didn't have a timed baking featured, which I had not figured on in my ingenious plan, this place was brand new, and hadn't figured on them cheesing out on the appliances. Oh well, I am flexible , well, sort of. Since I knew we would not be returning back to the condo until probably 11 pm, which would the turkeys unattended for 12 hours, I was left with a decision. Either bake one when we arrived back at 11 PM and try to cook the other before we left the next morning or I could cook them both at the same time, at the low temperature 225. Yes, that would work! It had to work. Figuring that 50 plus lbs of turkey wouldn't cook completely even with several hours of cooking I was golden. Wrong!!
When we arrived back at the condo,the aroma of turkey scented the hall way. I didn't hear the smoke alarm but was fearing the worst . The only thing I could think of was the scene from Christmas Vacation when the turkey sort of exploded from being over cooked and was as dry as the Sahara.
However, the turkeys were more like slow cooked ribs , the meat was still on the bones only because the skin was holding it there! There was so much juice that it had spilled over the side and on to the floor ! Small price to pay though as long as I didn't ruin the turkeys! Still it worked out great. The meat was moist , easily cut, and since this was a family gathering of over 26 ,we didn't do the big turkey presentation thing, so it all worked out fine. I hadn't ruined Thanksgiving! YEA!
I actually finished my house decorating today, so all I have left is shopping and baking. Fortunately I have all next week to shop and my grand kids are wanting to help with baking so once again I should be Golden!
This time of year, is such as wonderful time of Blessings and Love , I am thankful for all my family , my friends and colleague's, I pray all of you have a wondrous and Blessed Christmas Season! For those that are struggling I pray for God's Blessings for you, I know God answers prayers, He will answer yours too! Blessings and Peace ~Susan~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Celebrate 365 is out! Yea!

The Fall issue of Celebrate 365 is out ! One word comes to mind, Amazing!!! Beautifully done Connie and Lori ! If you love Halloween, you don't want to miss this magazine issue .
It is filled with beautiful collectibles, interviews with the artists & collectors and a peek at their collections and the artists at work. There is still time to subscribe and single copies will be available for purchase too. Check out Connie's website and make sure that you receive a copy of Celebrate 365 next week too!!! Congratulations all of our AHA Group being featured in this months issue

This one is going in my library!! It's a keeper! ~Susan~

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebrate 365 !

Celebrate 365 by Connie Porcher Editor is featuring an article on my art at if you have a moment please visit Connie's online site featuring collectible ornaments & holiday themed art. Thank you Connie!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Artistry Of Poland Ornament Arrived!

Today the completed version of the Victorian Santa arrived! I was so excited I could hardly open the box! Here is the first official viewing of the finished ornament . I think he turned out wonderfully! My heartfelt Thanks to Sue for her patience and help and thank you to Connie P of Celebrate 365 her continued support & help! Cindy your ornament goes out in tomorrows mail. YEA!! Susan

Saturday, September 12, 2009

And the winner is.........

The winner of my Ornament giveaway is.......................Cindy of Pywackit Primitives! thank you all for taking part in the giveaway, I really appreciate all the wonderful, kind comments! ~Susan~
off to work....

Monday, September 7, 2009


I forgot to post the pictures yesterday! I am trying to figure out how to reconfigure my blog a little and got distracted! Too many things to think about not enough hands! Any way here they are! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop today!
If you have the time please visit our other blog
www. ~Blessings to you and yours! Susan~

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Santa Gourds

I thought I would give you a sneak peek at a few of my finished Santa's . All were created from gourds, ranging from small 16" tall to a huge 28" around. The Santa smoking a pipe was a bit of a challenge for me because I knew I wanted to create a large hood without using tons of clay. I found this stuff that reminds me of the old plaster cast material with plaster already infused in . All you have to do is wet it and form into desired shape. It worked really well, still need to work out the bugs but I can see this being a plus for some things I have coming up!
The Gold Santa is a little different too, I used German blown glass eyes, and micro beads for the holly on his clothes. I really love his face, so much character !
The smoking Santa has a real corn cob pipe that I covered in clay then painted. Would you look at that nose! He has a BOB HOPE nose! The little is a sweet little Santa dressed in red and black with handpainted details.
There is still time to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of the Victorian Santa just leave a comment with your email address! that's it ! Off to work ~Susan

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Victorian Ornament Update !

Ship date for the ARTISTRY OF POLAND ORNAMENT is September 15th, I have decided to extent the contest for another week giving you all a chance earn another entry for this drawing.
1 entry for leaving a comment
2 entries for mentioning this contest on your blog [ please let me know if you have done this so I can verify this]
3 entries if you would like to become a follower of my blog!

Please scroll down to original Giveaway posting to leave your comments,

Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you should you win! ~Susan~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bloggy Fun!! giveaway!

Bloggy Fun

Flora of is having a giveaway of sorts, Which I was lucky enough to get in on. This idea was started with Marie Patterson of "Marie Patterson Studio"

NOW FOR THE RULES... please read carefully as this does get passed on :
Now YOU can receive a treat from ME!
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and I will draw 2 names and send you a surprise!( You see this is where my fingers got in the way of my brain because I didn't read on, you should though....:)leave an email address so I can contact you !

However, you must know that it will then be YOUR TURN to do the same.
Re-post this on your blog with a link back to MY blog and send your treat to 2 people.

Your prizes may be ANYTHING that you wish to give and can be very simple.
Marie said that the whole premise was a simple gift for 2 people, with an emphasis on simple !
I will change the rules just a wee bit, in that I will collect the names of whoever wants to do this and draw 2 names from them, if there are only 2 then that's good too, but then they have to do the same in turn.
I decided that this idea could be a simple gift, a small tag-like ornie. They will be done in a few days then I will post pictures for whoever is interested in joining this kinda giveaway.

However, you must know that it will then be YOUR TURN to do the same. Re-post this on your blog with a link back to MY blog and send your treat to 2 people. Your prizes may be ANYTHING that you wish to give and can be very simple.

PS!!! Flora still might have a couple of tags left. so visit her blog at
and leave a comment for her as well!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Items on Ebay

I wanted to give you a sneak peek at my upcoming EBay listings. First is The Felonious Frosty. This guy makes me smile! We lived in Woodland Park Colo, when our kids were growing up. Now if you are not familiar with this beautiful place , it is 8500 ft approximately above sea level Pikes Peak was the view from our front window.
To say we had snow would be a understatement! We usually got dumped on! My kids used to have to wear snow suits over their Halloween costumes. My daughters birthday is Oct 16Th and every year it would snow about 3 ft. on or about her birthday, which was a mixed blessing for her , no school, but no party either cause no one was going anywhere!
Anyway I remembered we always had snowmen in the yard for Halloween and it got me thinking about what would happen if Frosty would have gotten a bewitched villains hat instead of a silk top hat? Enter Felonious! The treat stealing Frosty running down the road grabbing treat bags from unsuspecting trick or treaters! I think there might be a children's book in there some where!
Anyhoo, Felonious is caught in the act of stealing a trick or trick container of goodies and away he runs. Notice the maniacal look in his eyes! I get that look sometimes around chocolate!
Even the pumpkin and candy corns are scared look at the candy trying to escape! And he's even dropped some on the snow covered hill! that's just not right!!
The next piece is a gourd that has been sculpted to resemble a antique German piece that I couldn't begin to afford , so I recreated it with my unique twist. The gourd was hollowed out so that the battery operated candle lights his eyes and mouth. Both are now available on EBay use aha art ID seasonalwhimsies...

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Giveaway for one of you! CONTEST

Starting today you can enter to win one of the completed Artistry of Poland ornaments that I designed.
To enter please Pick one of the two versions shown you prefer left or right image, with your comment, and email address so I can notify you if you should win. Winner will be drawn from at random from slips of paper place in bowl. Only entries with email addresses will be entered in drawing.

Contest ends Sept 1 st . Winner will be drawn Sept 2nd. Tell your friend! Good Luck! ~Susan~

News from the Artistry Of Poland

Yea! the final piece has been created, the finishes have selected and now are in the process of being completed! In honor of this momentous occasion I have decided to share my success with one of you! I will giving away one of the final ornaments to one lucky winner! Here's what you need to do to enter:

I have posted several pictures of all the finishes I was given to choose from let's see what you all think!

First Pick which version you like best then leave a comment with your email address so I may contact you if you are the winner. The contest will start today and end September 1st!

Good luck! ~Susan~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Progress Report

It's been over a month already since I last stopped in! I can't believe how time is slipping by so quickly.
I received a new picture of the Victorian Santa piece a few weeks ago, Mirek's new version of my piece is still a little too robust, so more tweaking is needed. Hopefully I will hear something soon.
In the meantime I have been experiencing a sort of manic creative spell. I find myself in my studio early and only coming out for the occasional snack or ice water break. My studio is a disaster, snips of crepe paper, clay ,wire and paint occupy every surface including my sewing machine! I am confident I am NOT the only one who does this. At least I hope not. YIKES!
My husband will only peek into my space at this point, he being very organized, orderly and a total neat nick views my creative space as more of a environmental assault on his well developed sense of order and cleanliness scale. He just shakes his head and wanders away.......
He has also been working away on the darling little antique dressing table we found several months ago. One of the drawers needed a bit of my help as a bit of the wood detail was missing. I just love paper clay!
I will post pictures as soon as he is done. His space , of course, is well ordered, clean, organized everything has a place and can usually be found in its place immediately upon completion of its task. I tread carefully through this space, because I only have to appear for a moment and my mere presence can cause something to fall to the floor, or paint to leap onto my clothes. I usually just shake my head in amazement and retreat back to my chaotic haven .
I have lots of pieces waiting to be finished so I am off for now! Will be posting pictures in day or two !
From one procrastinator to another "get off the computer and go play in the clay!!" ~Susan

Monday, June 1, 2009


On Saturday Sue, from the Artistry of Poland, sent photos of the artist Mirek's rendition of the Victorian Santa. Imagine my surprise when I received these pictures shown in white. These were his sculpted version of my piece.
HUH?? The only thing I could see that looked like mine was the hood! I'm thinking Holy Cow did he even look at my Victorian Santa or did he not like it and decide to do his own version instead. I, having no experience with this type of process was at a loss to say the least! I didn't want to be critical , it is obvious that he is a talented artist in his own right, but sniff , it didn't even closely resemble my piece.
I finally decided to print out a copy of his work and sketch my changes over it. Thinking to myself that he should save that one for another Santa in the series and start over on mine completely.
Sue, just contacted me, she sent him the wrong picture! She was wondering why his Santa looked like a Andy Warhol version of mine! lol ! Yay! I was really feeling intimidated by his version!
What a relief!! She has sent him the correct pictures now and should be on track for the August completion date. Hopefully will be done by next week. ~Susan~

Friday, May 22, 2009

The process begins

Here is a email from one of the owners of Artistry Of Poland explaining the process for recreating the Victorian Santa I entered into the Design Like a Star contest. I can't wait to see Mirek's clay model! This is so exciting ! This success is largely do to the efforts of Suzanne Urban encouraging the members of our group American Holiday Artists to seek out these opportunities, something I would never have done on my own. Thank You Suzanne!

Hi Susan,

Sue Myal here. I am half of Artistry of Poland located in sunny Tucson. Sue Sprunk (business partner) is in the San Francisco area--and leaving Sunday for 3 weeks in China.

So I guess it will be me that guides you through the ornament production. First of all we LOVE your design and it has inspired us to continue with a collection of Santa Heads. Who knows where that will take us.

Now to work. Your design as been emailed to our workshop in Krakow Poland.Our sculptor (his name is Mirek) will take your entry and carve it in clay. I should have a carving photo in about 2-3 weeks.
This first step is very important as once you approve the clay model there will be no mold changes accepted. Be sure it is exactly what you want at this point. Mirek then makes a plaster mold and then the foundry makes the final metal mold. Several pieces will be blown to test your paint colors. If you have PMS colors available it always helps as the workshop has a PMS book for color comparison. Color changes are usually not a problem. The important thing is that the finished product is what YOU want.
I am anticipating the shipment of your ornament leaving Poland August 20th-arriving here in Tucson about the first of September. I will then send your 10 free ornaments to you via UPS ground.

I can't wait to see the finished piece!! ~Susan~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Connie Porcher of Celebrate 365

To my shock and amazement, Connie Porcher, publisher of Celebrate 365 magazine , notified me today that I won the Design Like A Star contest! I am still in shock and a tad bit nervous . I have never had anything I have created reproduced, so this will be a completely new experience for me.

I want to thank you, Connie, for the opportunity !! Please visit the Celebrate 365 online to learn more about her wonderful magazine. Celebrate365 has provides its readers with up-to-the-minute ornament news as well as carefully researched articles of interest to ornament collectors.

A premiere magazine for the year-round ornament collector featuring : Artistry of Poland, Christopher Radko, Bethany Lowe and many other designers and manufacturers. ~Susan~

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally it is starting to look like spring around here ! The apple trees with their delicate pink and white blossoms and the flowering weeping cherry tree ,which I call my fireworks tree because the branches turn downward and are covered in pink blossoms too.
Sadly we lost our dwarf cherry tree and our multi fruit bearing tree this winter ... way too much snow and fridge temperatures for them, I guess.
I have been busy getting things ready for Spencer's Alley tent sale this weekend, cutting it close like I always do. My kitchen has exploded with boxes and package peanuts! arghh!! I hate those things. All my orders were delivered today one right after another much to my chagrin...... makes it easier on me and husband's heart if things are spread out a little more. I know he's afraid to ask how much I spent.... probably better if he doesn't ask, I believe in a firm policy of don't ask me and I won't tell!!!
I have finally listed three new Halloween pieces on Ebay . Woo-Hoo! one that note I will say bye for now.... I have a hundred hang tags to make up still for my items for sale. ~Susan~

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Okay EBay was on top of things so that what could have been a nightmare turned out to be a positive experience. So there's one Hooray! Maybe I should say Hip Hip Hooray! Because several of the members from American Holiday Artists [aha] made it into the Celebrate 365 quarterly magazine as well as my offering Spring Chick featured here on my blog. Spring has been featured on the front of the magazine along with many other wonderful artists work ! I feel very humbled to apart of such wonderful and creative artist. Other artist from AHA were Suzanne Urban designs leader of AHa [, Sheryl Parsons co leader of Aha [merelyamothersdream] Melissa Valeriote [queenofholidays] Amelia Schaefer[sweetbfolksart] Shannon Martinez [originalartdollsbyshannonmartinez]. To see the cover and more of the magazine visit or .
Congratulations to everyone who participated ! ~Susan

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ebay ID thief

Very Scary stuff happening today. I was just notified by Ebay someone hi-jacked my Ebay account and listed 165 items there. Fortunately EBay was on top of things and caught what was happening. I still need to check my Paypal account since I am not sure what the point of listing all these things were if they can't collect the money. I have now picked a strong password and ID application and added it to my account . Please check your accounts too their are some really evil people out there! Hugs Susan

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Diaima of the Deepwood

Diaima of the Deepwood is a new piece I have just listed on Ebay.
Diaima of the Deepwood, is the oldest of the Christmas fairies. It is her gift to bring twinkle to Christmas lights, she adds the sparkle to the newly fallen snow and the dew drops that sit on fat green leaves in the first wee hours of the morn. She captured small fallen stars way back when the universe was new. She quickly gathered the stars before they fell on to the earth and died out. Each one was carefully fastened to her fairy wand, keeping them safe they show their gratitude by sharing their light as she passes over head to shake their twinkle over the snow and water where twinkles look best.
In her wand she carries the magic of dew the precious droplets are capture in the round clear crystals of her septor. The sparkle of a million stars that glitter like diamonds, were gathered from the dark velvet skies at midnight and now crown her fairy septor. This has been her job for hundreds of years, the lines of her face have soften ,her blue eyes still see sharply, her wings still carry her over the long miles of country side with the vigor of a newly born fairy. The sweet smile on her face show how much she loves her job, bringing the joy of fresh fallen snow, the magic of twinkle and the dew drops of new life and new hope.
Diama is a paper clay and soft body sculpture. Her head was hand sculpted using paper clay, no molds were used in the making of this piece. For her body I created a wire armature, for body I used warm and natural cloth. Her fairy crown was created by using handmade bugle & seeds beads leaves and tiny ribbon roses with bead accents in the center. Tiny moss green ribbon was used for accents of color. Around her waist is a band of different satin threads, fringe loops and large sheer ribbon roses adding more magic to her clothing. Her ballet shoes are sculpted paper clay with more tiny ribbon roses and rose ribbon for her laces. More lace was used for her bloomers and the sleeves of her outfit.
Diaima's clothing is a combination of vintage lace for her wings and bodice, rose & pink tulle, loop fringe for the skirt with tiny rose and ribbon accents on the tulle. Color and texture abound on this 9" tall piece. The colors are in ivory, dusty rose soft bieges and mossy greens.
I hope you love her as much as I loved creating her. Diaima is a art piece and not intended for use as a toy. Appropriate for ages 14 and up. She comes ready to hang or could be seated.
Diaima of the Deepwood will come to you signed by the artist Seasonal Whimsies by Susan V 2009
I am a proud member of the American Holiday Artists [aHa art on Ebay and Art Doll Sculpture Group [adsg ] Please visit our other members for more one of a kind art offerings. Thank you for supporting handmade art!
Thank you for visiting today!

Diaima is currently up for sale on Esty!

Friday, February 27, 2009

And the winner is.........

The Holiday Queen Melissa !!! Thank you for all you kind comments and for entering my blog giveaway. ~Susan

Valentine Giveaway Redrawing

I will be redrawing for the Valentine Giveaway, unfortunately the person who won hasn't responded to my messages. I will announce the new winner later today! ~Susan

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Knee deep in legs and arms! Yikes

Happy Valentines Day!
My daughter's anniversary and as they go away for a romantic weekend to Gleneden Beach Resort. a surprise awaits them in their suite. I have ordered chilled wine with keepsake wine flutes & cheese, fruit, meat platter , finishing off with chocolate covered strawberries to be delivered to their room.
In the meantime, I am swimming in material trying to get ready for the Blackberry Junction show. I have disassembled doll and bunny parts everywhere! I am creating prim dolls that are a combination of cloth and paper clay. A technique I learned by taking Gritty Jane's awesome work shop! I highly recommend her class it was fun and informative, the technique she uses for turning tiny arms and legs was worth the price of the class alone! Thank you Jane!
I will be offering prim bunnies, fluffy garden bunnies, dolls, and cottage furniture for the Old fashioned Easter area . Plus aged iron pieces hanging baskets, doorknockers, garden art for the Rustic Potting Shed area of the show.
As usual I am behind , but I will get it done I am determined to have everything done in time . I have a month sooooo I am thinking I should get going this morning instead of playing on the computer! So I say adieu

Monday, February 2, 2009

Finally here is the actual prize I am offering in my Valentine Giveaway. Two Hearts beat as one Penguin. He is about 8" tall ,he carries a heart for his Valentines. This little cutie is up for grabs just leave a comment on this blog and you will be entered in the drawing. Winner will be by random draw of names. Please leave a way for me to contact you if you are the winner of my drawing. GOOD LUCK!! HUgs Susan

Friday, January 30, 2009


In honor of Valentine's Day I am having a giveaway!! Starting today through Feb 7Th. Winner will be drawing at random. I will be giving away a sculpted penguin gourd in a Valentine theme. I will be posting a picture on Monday of the actual gourd, I am currently cooking for the Oregon Crusaders and won't have time to get a picture up until then. Poor planning on my part! If you scroll you will see a Christmas themed Penguin Valentine will be similar to that sculpt with Valentine accents.
Please leave a comment on today's blog ,remember to include your name and email address! That's all there is to it!! My sisters at AHA art on EBay will be hosting giveaways too. Visit their blogs to sign up for their giveaways too! Winner will be drawn at random.
Hugs, Susan

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Creation

Our kitchen remodel is done ! yay! The new floor went in quickly which was great because all of our den and kitchen furniture was store in my living room and dining room [turned into library room]. Our Disney collections had to be taken out of the safety of their large curio so it could be moved, so the lined my book shelves until they could be moved back into the entry hall again. That was pretty unnerving for me, I am a klutz so moving all those pieces was a very slow and careful process! Not one piece got broken, thank heaven. So I can breath easier.
The guys that installed our new floor looked like teenagers to me,[ is this what is called getting old? will I be calling them sonny soon?yikes} but they were very good at their job, except for the chalking around the bases boards. My husband is obsessed with chalking, oh and did I mention I am married to a perfectionist? I have always joked that he is Felix Unger [from the odd couple] and I am Oscar? is that right? Anyway, I am not that bad but my husband is pretty dog gone close to Felix. So the next day he couldn't stand it and re chalked the entire thing. He could hardly walk the next day but it does look good.
The real kicker was the granite, which I thought would be the easier part [which I shouldn't do when it comes to things out of my area of expertise] First the men who came to install the granite were Chinese they didn't speak hardly any English. Which was kind of scary not being able to talk to one another but thankfully the owner came and stayed through the whole thing. Four days later we have an amazing new kitchen. The good news is I was able to get some real work done during this turmoil , that makes me very happy.

I finally finished my first Easter piece for 2009. Her name is Spring and she stands 8 inches tall. She is a paper clay sculpted piece. This is the first time I have used doll eyes for one of my pieces at least mechanical open and close eyes with lashes!! I have given her a tiny woven basket in which she carries tiny hand made flowers one German mushroom from spun cotton green Polk a dot top , one pink Easter egg and one purple. I love her skirt with it's full tutu style! The tiny flowers are plumerias made from clay so cute! I will be listing her with weekend on EBay.

I will posting pictures of the kitchen tomorrow, after I de-clutter them, getting ready for a show so things are stacked the kitchen for pricing. Bye for now.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Look what I found!!

Today, my husband Terry and I ran errands which is usually a chore. We are in the process of a kitchen redo, replacing the yucky flooring with wood flooring and counter tops ,With, dare I say it, granite!! yeah! So we Had to pick out a new under mount sink and hardware. Which was pretty painless and I am happy to have these little details done so we can proceed next week.
Silvia from Granite & Cabinets, came to measure everything and she discovered that there will be a nice sized piece left over so we can do our powder room too. It just keeps getting better and better, I had originally wanted to include the powder room in our makeover but my husband pooh poohed it. Now we can have it done too. Anyone living in Salem Oregon or surrounding areas thinking of granite counter tops should check them out the prices are really reasonable! Here's the best part of the whole thing ,I won't have to cook for about four whole days !
After our errands, we had some time on our hands before meeting friends for lunch at the Teriyaki House , so I drug my hubby to Goodwill to peruse the used furniture. We found a antique dressing table and drop leaf coffee table !! Usually it's hard to find one piece that Terry can transform into a cottage treasure but 2 that's amazing. . .. I also found two footed glass and metal vessels and this darling blue pedestal vase.
After that I was ready to have lunch. I ordered the Tempura plate which included scrimp, sweet potato,broccoli, asparagus,cauliflower [all dipped in Tempura batter} rice and small salad. I couldn't help myself but in my defense look at all the veggies!! Any way it was yummy. Terry was much better than I, he had the Spicy Teriyaki plate which is grilled chicken with veggies and white rice. Probably a third of the calories of mine. I ate all my veggies though!! I was hungry that's my excuse and I am sticking to it. I'll have a light meal tonight. Yeah right, I am already hungry again<>
Terry is really talented at bringing vintage pieces back to life, check out the 106 yr. old piano I found at the Union Gospel Mission .It was a steal, even though neither one of us play the piano, hummm maybe I'll take lessons... Yes that will justify the purchase of a old piano. It was in pretty good shape over all but the finish was way gone. At first Terry looked at me like I had lost my mind, he hasn't figured out that happened a long long time ago. Silly Man! Once he resolved his mind that the piano was going to sit in HIS garage for a very long time if he didn't refinish it for me . He finally got enthusiastic about the whole idea. It is turning out so pretty, I can't wait to have it moved into the house. Terry added the pretty trim pieces to the front it was really plain without them. Now I have added to his Honey paint list, I probably won't be seeing him much during the day. However, this works for me because that means I can spend more time in my studio and catch up on my work. It's all good.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Please let College Football be over!!

Let me just start with I actually like football, pro football......Die hard Bronco fan sadly. I am not however interested in the 400 and 44 thousand college bowls that are currently streaming across our TV .... it's been like 7 days of this now .
My husband has been glued to the television set since these games started. Granted television officially sucks right now, there's not a new show in sight and our weather has been horrible, but he had the nerve to question my extended time on the computer!! Ha!
Apparently his 10 hours of back to back football watching is more esteemed than my 10 hours of blog reading! Foolish man....he has no idea about the things I have learned, the creations I've viewed or the dreams I have shared with my sisters in blog world. Aw well , I will continue to ignore his queries about how I spend my free time at least till this weekend , then I retire to my studio, with new sketches in hand and begin to start my new pieces for spring. At which time he will need to start the new tile flooring in the upstairs guest bathroom. Yay! Time to go my fav show Ghost Whisperer is on, even though it's a rerun !

American Holiday Artists

American Holiday Artists
Ebay Art Group I belong to visit us to see all of our members creations

Phineas Birthday Surprise

Phineas Birthday Surprise

Hawaii in early Dec

Hawaii in early Dec
North side of Oahu

Earlier this week

Earlier this week

Old World Santa Glass eyes

Old World Santa Glass eyes

Snow Dec 2008

Snow Dec 2008

Snowflake Santa Gourd

Snowflake Santa Gourd
ex large gourd sculpted

Mirek's sculpt

Mirek's sculpt

Mirek's updated version

Mirek's updated version

Victorian look Christmas Angels AHA/Adsg folk art Ooak

Victorian look Christmas Angels  AHA/Adsg folk art Ooak

Smoking Pipe & Red/Blk Santa's

Smoking Pipe & Red/Blk Santa's
Gourd Art

Mad Hatters Teapot

Mad Hatters Teapot
Just listed on Ebay

Christmas Snowman

Christmas Snowman

Fall Celebreate 365 is out!!

Fall Celebreate 365 is out!!
Be quick and grab yours! this book is amazing!

Jingle Bell Santa 2008

Jingle Bell Santa 2008