Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Accident! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

I was trying out a new Zupfe (braided bread) recipe and apparently my yeast wasn't active anymore . :(  Not wanting to waste the dough I decided to try something else with it. So I cut & rolled into skinny stripes that I twisted into a knots and deep fried them!  One word  brushed with melted butter & garlic salt YUMMY!  They would probably be good dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon too. The ones pictured here are still virgin so I may split the batch and do one of each favor.  I will be starting my healthy eating again come monday.. .. I'm just saying....  Merry Christmas Everyone!! May it be blessed! Susan

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My favorite Collection

I love the Dickens characters I purchased from The Simpich doll company back in the 80's . Back then it 6 months for them to complete the order as everything was created by the family.  Their shop was a like something right out of a fairytale .  The exterior was a Tudor style and when you stepped inside it was pure magic!  check it out at:

Saturday, December 17, 2011


ONLY DAY MORE DAYS, I am not done shopping! We recently purchased a beach cottage and are still trying to recover from everything that comes with a new home.

We absolutely love this house! It's easy to take care of can't wait to spend our first summer out on that deck! Umbrella drinks all around!  In the meantime we are enjoy spending time up there , the sun always seems to be out even though the temps are low. The beach is 2 blocks one way and the jetty is  blocks the other way! 
But back to my dismay, I still have several gifts to purchase and need to wait until the 21st to finish my shopping. I console myself by believing there will be some amazing deals for us last minute shoppers. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  We did a lot of shopping online this year and I signed us up for so I am interested in seeing how that works out. I would mind a check just for shopping online.
   In the meantime there are a few pictures of my newest piece Jingle Bell Santa available 
 He measures 16" tall and 8" wide. Soft sculpture armature with clay head. Mounted on wood box with vintage Christmas tree , lots of tiny silver toned bells on his sleeves,hat,pants legs and down the front of his coat. 

Thank you for stopping by

Merry Christmas to one & all! Bless you all. May the Lord keep
you & your families safe & happy for He can fill every need!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New items up for sale !

I have just listed 2 new items on the

First is a Vintage Mantle Clock piece called   Let It Snow featuring a soft sculpture armature doll with clay head.   The second is  an Ice Skating Snowman Come join us for Small Business Saturday!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Latest Work!

Here is a few updates on recent Santa Claus gourds. Enjoy~


Wow! I have been gone a long time! Our summer , such as it was, was spent scouting out a vacation home in Ocean Shores Wa!  Ocean Shores is a tiny beach community in the Pacific Northwest, a tiny finger of land that is surrounded by water.

  We have  Pacific ocean on one side, fresh water lakes , the bay and fresh water canals all located on this tiny slice of land.  It is the most wonderful place ever! After searching all the home Ocean Shores had to offer in our price range we bought this one TADA!

This little cutie has 2 beds 2 baths and a fabulous stone fireplace. Best part was it came furnished and the fireplace runs on propane so no wood cutting! Yay!

My hubby had just finished painting the front railing , doesn't it look awesome? Last picture is our view.  There's beach grass everywhere and we have no plans to change that! Au Naturael' for us! did I spell that right?  It hasn't been all play though , it needed a little bit of tlc , fortunately I am married to the most handy of men! After 2 trips we are all done fixin' and ready to start relaxing!  Can't wait for summer  to relax on that deck and enjoy some umbrella drinks. sigh!  ~Susan


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New work

 New piece up for sale on
For some reason I am in the mood for Halloween! Probable has something to do with the cloudy,rainy weather we are having here in Oregon. Come on over and check us out !

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yea! Spring/Summer

I am sooo happy spring /summer has finally arrived in Salem Oregon! After 8 long dreary months we have sun and 82 degree temps! I am feeling more energetic already, re potted some plants added new ones to my hanging garden. Hubby just mowed so of course I had to share some pictures.
  The clematis is blooming everywhere , I have huge purple, pink&white, snowy white and pink clematis. I just love them they are my favs.
If you look closely you may see  Disney Alice in Wonderland figures tucked in the garden.

On a different note here is a new piece that is for sale on
This is a vintage wood lazy susan , on which I have painted vintage style Halloween images has been sealed for protection Price $28.00 plus shipping...Measure the size of a dinner plate around 8" .

Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 25th Debut for AHA Marketplace!!

                                                          Hooray for the Red, White & Blue!!

Hurray on over to catch the Holiday art from our studios to you!! My new piece is called the Ol' Colonel. He is a 10 1/2 inch tall air dry clay Rooster struting his stuff in a very patriotic outfit.
The Ol' Colonel believes in celebratin every the of July by wearing his favorite red & white striped pants, star spangled blue & white star vest and his Sunday go to meetin' waist coat jacket. Available tomorrow! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

American Holiday Artists Challenge Under the Big top

The American Holiday Artists "Under The Big Top " Event is under Way . Come on over and see what we have create just for this event!
All of our Artists went all out! We have a tightrope walker, fortune teller, clowns , talented bichons and elephant & much more.
Here are my challenge pieces available on

                                                            Circus Kewpie
Peanuts the Elephant

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

American Holiday Artists Challenge

        We will be going to the circus with the Under The Big Top Challenge!
Ever wanted to runaway to the circus, well here's your chance. Mark your calendars for Feb 25th debut of AHA's new site.
  So grab some popcorn, peanuts , some cotton candy and prepare to be amazed by the clowns, dancing bear, tight rope walker , elephants and much more!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two WIPS for upcoming AHA Marketplace

First is a tiny Kewpie that will have the feathers and beaded necklace reminiscent of prizes given out in early Circus events.
Second is an elephant standing on a ball. Still needs a little more clay, and eye placement  correction.

The winner is

Mila from Tuscany Italy! Thank you for participating in OWOH!

I've cleaned my studio Woo Hoo!!

After the holidays my studio looked like tornado alley! Things were piled up to my nose and covered my floor to the point, one would have thought I was some sort of crazed hoarder. I have changed my piggy ways and totally revamped my storage & studio.  I like to call it "Controlled Chaos".
  I can actually find things now, because .. well it's all sorted, labeled and in containers. So far so good.
I finally replaced my plastic folding table from Costco and invested in a Martha Stewart desk. Her new line of craft units are really awesome, I was going to purchase the MS craft table, however after reading 55 comments on the 100 something parts,  the excessive amount of time and frustration the reviewers stated they experienced was enough to make me rethink that one. I bought the desk instead, the only assembly required was screwing in the legs. That was it! It has turned out to be an excellent choice. It has 2 drawers on the right, which allows me to keep my sculpting tools in the desk and off my work surface. The deep file drawer is now home for sketch books, books drawings. The center drawer, which would be for a computer keyboard is now home to my blank canvases.

 Since I work with clay, paints,glues etc, I opted to have a piece of glass cut for the top. It cleans up easily and protects the desk top.
 And look I actually have space to get some fun stuff done! It's all good! ~Susan

Sunday, January 30, 2011

One World One Heart Giveaway starts Jan 31st!

The Last One World One Heart blog adventure begins tomorrow. If you would like to enter in the Seasonal Whimsies Giveaway  Please leave a comment on this post. That's it!! Be sure to provide a way for me to reach you if you win.

The prize??a set of  Victorian Magnets from the Victorian Trading Co!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

One World One Heart

One World One Heart begins on Jan. 31 through the 17th of February.  I will be posting  my giveaway offering on the 28th with instructions on how to be entered into my blog giveaway!  If you are interested in joining the fun here is the link to follow to be added to the blog list . Over 1000 are listed already

American Holiday Artists

American Holiday Artists
Ebay Art Group I belong to visit us to see all of our members creations

Phineas Birthday Surprise

Phineas Birthday Surprise

Hawaii in early Dec

Hawaii in early Dec
North side of Oahu

Earlier this week

Earlier this week

Old World Santa Glass eyes

Old World Santa Glass eyes

Snow Dec 2008

Snow Dec 2008

Snowflake Santa Gourd

Snowflake Santa Gourd
ex large gourd sculpted

Mirek's sculpt

Mirek's sculpt

Mirek's updated version

Mirek's updated version

Victorian look Christmas Angels AHA/Adsg folk art Ooak

Victorian look Christmas Angels  AHA/Adsg folk art Ooak

Smoking Pipe & Red/Blk Santa's

Smoking Pipe & Red/Blk Santa's
Gourd Art

Mad Hatters Teapot

Mad Hatters Teapot
Just listed on Ebay

Christmas Snowman

Christmas Snowman

Fall Celebreate 365 is out!!

Fall Celebreate 365 is out!!
Be quick and grab yours! this book is amazing!

Jingle Bell Santa 2008

Jingle Bell Santa 2008